Posted by: DarinC | May 5, 2009

American Idol – Final Four

JoeOnTheTube is spending this week OnTheBeach, so I’ll be trying to fill his shoes this week.

slashidolmentor1Tonight’s episode gave us not only solo performances by all of the remaining contestants, but also a couple of duets.  And Slash!  With a guest appearance by Slash and the title of “Rock Week,” I assumed we would finally get some perfomances of current songs.  I mean, come on, we’ve had to put up with Disco week and songs from the Rat Pack.  But, I was wrong.  The most current song was “Renegade” by Styx.  Not only was it not a show packed with current rock hits, but we didn’t even get a song from the 90s.

We opened the night with Adam’s rendition of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” which I thought was pretty good.  I was surprised the judges didn’t give him a hard time about sounding too much like the original, but they rarely have negative comments for him.  My three year old did ask at the end of his performance if he was a boy or a girl, and I had to answer that he’s a boy who likes to wear makeup.  But, so is Ryan Seacrest.

Next up was Allison covering a Janis Joplin song.  To me, her performance was boring and unimpressive.  I thought the judges were fairly kind to her, but they always seem to take it easy on her.  They kept pointing out the she chose the wrong song, which was kind of funny since the clip with her and Slash clearly showed him making that decision for her.  She tried to start a little friendly banter with Simon, but that rarely ends up making you look good.

The next solo performance was Kris Allen doing “Come Together” by the Beatles.  I thought he gave a strong performance, but the judges did not agree.  Kris is consistently the favorite of my friends and I, but apparently we are not the target audience for AI.

Danny closed out the solo performances with some old school Aerosmith.  This performance seemed like a real stretch to me.  He did not look comfortable in the rock mode.  Maybe with a Slash wig he would have done better.  Seriously, does Slash expect us to think that’s his real hair?  Why is he always wearing a hat?  He’s like a hard rock Ron Howard with extensions.  Danny has never been in the bottom three, but that may change.

The “something new” of the night was the introduction of duets.  I suspect this is on-the-job training for the American Idol Live Onstage Tour, coming soon to a city near you.  Kris and Danny kicked off the duets with some Styx.  I thought Kris was a little better than Danny, but again the judges disagree.  Adam and Allison closed the show with a little Foghat.  Not only do they both like wearing black and rocking out, but as of tonight, they share the same hairstylist, how sweet.   The judges loved it and Simon made the point that Adam may have saved Allison from elimination.

So, “Rock Week” was full of old rock songs, and the biggest disaster was not the crumbling set, but rather the studded leather ensemble that Kara was wearing.  The final four is reduced to three tomorrow, and who’s going home?  I think Adam is definitely safe.  I think Danny will be in the bottom three, but survives.  The bottom two will be Kris and Allison, and I think Allison, much to the dismay of the judges, will be sent home.  And as a guest, guest pick, my wife thinks Allison is going home as well.  We’ll find out tomorrow, and JoeOnTheTube will be back next week.


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