Posted by: drew77drew | August 13, 2009

Hell’s Kitchen–Where’s Francisco??


Tonights episode starts out with Tek complaining that she doesn’t like being on the chopping block.  There is a simple solution to that.  Cook better.

The contestants are still up at 1:15 am.  I understand about winding down, but I would be sleeping as much as possible.  You never know when Scott and whichever woman they have as the red team’s Sous Chef will wake them up by banging pots and pans over their heads.  Of course, that has already happened this season, so I think they can rest easy.

Dave is trying to read the instructions to cook a pot pie and is making a big show of how hard it is to hold with his damaged hand while holding absolutely nothing in his good hand.  The others offer to help, but Dave is having none of it.  So they just laugh at his as he drops the box for the 6th time.

The next morning the chefs are gathered in the dining room to start the day.  Chef tells them that they will be hosting the “most amazing dinner” for Marine Staff Sgt. Otis James, who just last night returned from a 30 month tour of duty in Iraq.

The challenge is to create an appetizer and 2 entrees for Chef and the Staff Sgt’s Mrs to taste to pick a winner.  Chef takes Robert and Suzanne up to his office with the Mrs. Staff Sgt and has her tell them what her husband likes.  Get this!  The Marine likes steak, seafood and baked potatoes.  He probably misses it a lot.  MREs just aren’t the same as a grilled steak and lobster tail.  Mrs. Staff Sgt. says that he likes his lobster grilled.  Robert suggests soul food, because he is racist.  Mrs. Staff Sgt. agrees that soul food is a favorite.

So Robert and Suzanne go back to their teams to share the information and Robert relays the information very clearly and lets the guys do their job.  Kevin points out that Robert did a good job in telling them what Staff Sgt. Otis James likes and lets the guys do their thing while not being overbearing.  I think this interview was included just to segue to Suzanne micromanaging each person of the team by telling them not only the ingredients for each dish, but how to exactly prepare them.   This could go either really good for her or really bad.

On to the show down.  For the appetizers the women give a Ceasar salad with baked prawns.  Prawns is just a fancy way of saying shrimp.  But it is usually reserved for the larger sizes of shrimp, which these ones are huge.  The men serve  a spicy seafood-style bouillabaisse.  It looks really good, but Mrs. Staff Sgt picks the salad.  Kevin believes she did so because she is a woman.

Andy and Amanda bring up the 1st entrees for their team.  Amanda has a bacon wrapped filet with grilled shrimp.  Andy interviews that it doesn’t look good, but both Mrs. Staff Sgt and Chef think it tastes great.  Then we see Andy grousing that at least the presentation is poor.  Andy presents a buttermilk fried catfish (yummy!) stewed collards (ehh) and 4 cheese macaroni (double yummy!).  If this isn’t “soul food” then I don’t know what is.  The blue team wins to keep it even for The Final Showdown, but they should have won that one anyways.

Suzanne and Robert are next with their dishes.  Suzanne has a broiled (not grilled!!) lobster tail over a seafood soup of sorts and Robert has a cajun rubbed bone in NY strip steak with a grilled lobster tail and twice baked mash potato.  Yes, please!  The men win this one hand’s down but they throw a commercial break in for good measure to try and make it tense.

The men’s reward is to go on a fighter jet simulation in actual airplanes.  But they aren’t really jets.  I’m no airplane expert, but they look like WWII era fighters.  It looks incredibly fun none the less and they even get to take over the controls of the planes and get walked through dog fighting maneuvers.  When Chef told them what they would be doing, I have to admit my first thought was if Robert would be able to participate.  They didn’t show him on any of the planes.  It could be because he was scared to fly.  Regardless, they probably aren’t making a big deal about it like they did last season with him on not getting to go on the helicopter.  That was just wrong.

The women’s punishment is to decorate the room for the amazing dinner service tomorrow night for Staff Sgt. Otis James.  I have to keep going back to make sure I get both of his 1st names in the correct order.  I get excited when its time to decorate because that means that Francisco, the interior designer, is coming.  Wait, what’s this??  Its Chef’s wife.   She may be great, but somehow I don’t think her disagreements with JP for comedy relief won’t go quite the same.

She gets to business telling all the women how “precise” everything needs to be and one of the women says that she is just like Ramsay.  I don’t really see it because she is not yelling at them for the bunting not being level enough.

Some of the women inhale helium and talk funny, but Suzanne thinks she is above and acts all prissy to them for actually trying to have some enjoyment while their team is in a bad losing streak.

Time for dinner service, where we will be focusing on the women because the guys do so well that the only thing Chef can yell at them about is that Jim pokes the steaks with his tongs instead of his fingers.

hells-kitchen-tekThe women, by which I mean Tek, do so bad that they do not even get one entree out before the guys finish all of theirs.  Its all because Tek doesn’t know how to cook her steaks.  She sends them up cooked every different way except for the right way.  So finally Chef has the guys come over and finish the dinner service for the girls.  Ouch!

The women are tasked with coming up with 2 of them to eliminate.  Really it should only be one, but then there would be no suspense at the end on who Chef is going to send home.  The women chose Tek obviously and…we don’t find out until they tell Chef.  He asks Tennille and she says that the 1st is Tek and she doesn’t agree with the 2nd choice because it is herself.  Chef asks who it should be instead.  Tennille says Amanda.  So Chef calls Tek, Tennille and Amanda up.  Tennille bleeps a lot and tells Chef how angry he she is.  This is good enough for Chef, so he sends her back.  Tek says that she can make successes and is passionate.  Amanda cries and Chef says it seems like she is done and has nothing more to give.  But, Tek is obviously the one to go after tonight’s service.  Chef sends her on her way.

Tek exit-interviews that she is a bad ass girl, but I don’t recall that being a good cooking skill.


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