Posted by: realityrawks | September 18, 2009

Hot Off The Presses!

Sitting down to watch PR this week I thought “OK, let’s kick it up this week and have a showstopping dress”. These designers are capable of it, but we have yet to have, I guess, the right combo of challenge, material and inspiration. Come on! I’m antsy. Show me something over the top!

Heidi then teased us that the challenge would be in black and white so off the designers headed with Tim to the LA Times and met Booth Moore, fashion editor. She explained they were to create a dress using newsprint as their material. They of course go crazy shoving a bunch of newspaper into garbage bags and lugged that back to the studio. “Rats”, I thought. “No showstoppers here.”

So back at the studio everyone bemoaned the lack of experience in working with paper. That’s why it’s a projectrunway_newspaperwinnerchallenge, people! Put on your creativity hats and let’s go! Of course Ra’Mon was at home with his quirky style and was ready to go.

On Tim’s usual rounds we got a glimpse of Johnny’s sad little dress and of Nicolas’ disdain for Johnny. It was a cat fight  the whole show, but not a particularly good one. Wow.  Nicolas’ comments  toward his fellow designers is just slightly less mean than last weeks Jen Rade.   And it is not pretty!

After getting a bad review from Tim, Johnny wadded his dress into a ball, pitched it in the trash, and started over.  Yes folks,  this footage will haunt him forever.  There was no sinister spitting of an iron that ruined his dress, as he later told anyone who would listen.  He tossed it and then lied.  What was he thinking?

Christopher's Dress

While talking to Tim, Christohpher said, “I wanted, like, a showstopper.” What? Did someone say show stopper?!   “Ah, Christopher.   You little ever-grinning cutie!”, I thought.   “Go ahead, give us a showstopper!”  And he did give us a beautiful long flowing (paper)evening gown.

My favorite of the evening was Irina’s trench coat.  The proportions were perfect and it was full of paper details like belt loops and large patch pockets with created stich lines.  A classic.

And speaking of judges, this week we had Tommy Hilfiger, Eva Longoria Parker and once again,  Zoe Glassner of Marie Claire magazine.  They were possibly the sweetest judges ever when Johnny was “auffed”, waving and well-wishing him, but I miss Micheal and Nina.  They should be back next week.

Close but no cigar on a showstopper, but I have faith!  Irina, Chris, Althea, Carol Hannah and Louis all have it in them, I believe, we just need that magic combo to happen!

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  1. Loved the comment about Irina’s coat that paper is the new fur.

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