Posted by: JoeOnTheTube | September 28, 2009

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Vehicular Fellatio

curb-your-enthusiasm_logoThere is part of me that thought I shouldn’t even write about this episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.  It’s not that it wasn’t great, it was… but it’s going to be impossible to keep it clean.  If you can’t figure out what I’m talking about from the title of the episode alone and are easily offended then STOP READING NOW.

Larry get’s a birthday present from Jeff and Suzie, a GPS unit for the car.  He actually likes the gift, but the problem is that he can’t get it open.  He tries to rip it, cut it, and even stop on it but it’s not opening.  Damn I feel his pain.  Those plastic containers that electronics one in sucks!  Loretta calls him from upstairs to help her find the E! channel.  She tells him how hard her life is because she has cancer.  “Do you know what it feels like to have cancer?”  Larry responds with, “I know what it feels like to live with someone who has cancer.”

While making her juice he sees a doctor on the Dr. Phil show that specializes in beating cancer by telling curb_larryleonpeople to leave their spouses who are contributing to the problem.  Realizing this is his golden opportunity, he makes her an appointment.  Leon catches Larry and asks him if he would call his friend Alton, a huge Seinfeld fan,  and cheer him up since he is depressed despite having a very attractive wife.  He calls him on the way to dinner that night.

That evening Larry meets Jeff, Suzie, Richard Lewis, and his new girlfriend.  When Larry walks in Jeff stops him and tells him that Richard’s new girlfriend gave him a blowjob in the car on the way over.  Jeff makes Larry swear not to say anything.  Larry’s response is “How gentile,”  a very Larry David response.  He also goes on record as saying he is against the idea of “vehicular fellatio.”

At the table Larry greats everyone, and refuses to take a sip of Richard’s girlfriend’s drink because of what Jeff just told him.  Jeff and Suzie bring up the gift they gave him and he tells him he can’t open it.  They suggest he buy an Exacto knife.  At the end of the meal he also refuses to kiss her goodnight, blaming it on a cold sore that he has and is embarrassed about.

The next day Larry takes Loretta to see the doctor, and Larry proceeds to turn it up a notch and eventually is asked by the doctor to leave the office.  All is going to plan.  Out in the lobby he sees his old neighbor and when the two hug, a very un-Larry greeting, the neighbors glasses break.  After an argument, Larry agrees to pay for the glasses.  On the way home we get Larry’s first “Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good,” of the season.  Loretta is obviously upset, and wants to go to the doctors lecture the following day.

Back at the house Richard Lewis rings Larry’s doorbell and asks Larry to apologize to his girlfriend.  Of course the reason that he refused to kiss her or take a sip of her drink comes out and she leaves Richard Lewis and Larry standing there.  Larry tells Richard he wanted to avoid “second hand semen.”  Richard Lewis tells Larry “You can’t be homosexual by proxy!”

curb_lorettaOn the way to take Loretta to the lecture they spot the doctor in a car in front of them giving her husband what appears to be a “vehicular fellatio”.  Loretta is disgusted and doesn’t want to go to the lecture anymore.  Looks like Larry is out of luck again.

Larry goes out to buy an Exacto knife as was suggested and Leon comes up to him at the hardware store and tells him that they are in trouble, and ask why Larry told him that Leon was sleeping with Alton’s wife.  Larry is confused since he only mentioned to Alton in a message that he had head his wife was attractive, and didn’t imply that Leon was sleeping with her.  Of course Leon is sleeping with her, and now he and Larry are in serious trouble.

Larry pulls back up at the house and Leon comes running out telling him that Alton is there looking for hiscurb_job wife.  She hides, ducking down in Larry’s car as Leon convinces Alton she’s not there.  After the coast is clear she pops up just as Loretta pulls in the driveway.  Loretta believes that she’s witnessed Larry receiving “vehicular fellatio.”  She pack up the kids and her mother and leaves.  Wow, Larry get’s what he wants for a change.  As they pull away Leon walks up and Larry asks him what he’s going to do now that they are gone.  Leon tells him that he’s going to go upstairs to his room and eat his Chinese food.  Looks like Larry has a roommate.

That night Larry is driving to a party and sees a BMW that has gone partly off the road.  It turns out that it’s Jeff and Suzie and he wrecked because she was giving him “vehicular fellatio,” and now they are stuck.  It’s lucky Larry has the Exacto knife in the car.  When he goes to retrieve it, it turns out that it is in the exact same packaging that the GPS unit was in.  I love it when a story comes full circle.

Still no Seinfeld sighting yet, but it looks like they storyline begins in earnest next week.  Despite that, this is really turning out to be a great season.  I wish we would have gotten some Funhowser’s this episode, but I wish that every episode.  I’m glad that Loretta moved on.  That story-line had played out and it obviously clears the way for the new one.  I did think it was funny that she wouldn’t go to dinner because there weren’t going to be other black people there.curb_seinfeldthing

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