Posted by: JoeOnTheTube | September 29, 2009

The Big Bang Theory: The Jiminy Conjecture

castofBigBangLast night was a night for sub-plots, on How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory.

After last weeks hook-up between Penny and Leonard that was just “fine” it almost looked like we were bigbang_pennyleonardschnappsgoing to see the two split apart again, which made me groan a little bit.

Wolowitz, Raj, and Sheldon are at the comic book store arguing over whether or not Wolverine was born with bone claws, when Leonard walks in.  They are surprised to see him, thinking he would still be in the throes of passion with Penny.  When he tells them that the sex was “fine” they start to make jokes at his expense.  When they are all eating dinner together Sheldon let’s it slip that Leonard said that the sex Leonard had with Penny was “fine.”  She walks out and Leonard follows.  They both agree that the sex was lackluster, and it might take time to find a rhythm, although she’s never experienced that problem before.  Her plan is for them both to get drunk and let nature take it’s course.  All that happens after a bottle of wine and a bottle of peppermint schnapps is that they both end up vomiting in the bathroom.

The next time Sheldon sees Penny he makes a suggestion that no matter what, she and Leonard can always go back to being friends.  She sees this as a good idea, and when she suggests this to Leonard, of course it gets their libido racing and it appears they end up right where they were at the end of the last episode.  I hope it went better for them this time.

bigbang_lookingfortobyThe better of the two stories of the night started when the other guys were left while Penny and Leonard were drinking.  They hear a cricket somewhere, which starts Howard and Sheldon arguing over what type of cricket it is.  They end up betting their most prized comic book against one another and the three head off to find the cricket.

After finally capturing it, the next day at work they are still arguing over what type of cricket it is.  They eventually decide to head down stairs to the entomology department.  Inside the a lab full of spiders and insects they find Lewis Black who plays a recently down-sized etymologist.  After a long Lewis Black type rant about having to big_bang_theory_lewisblackmove to Oxnard near the onion fields we learn that Howard is right after all.

Like I said before I thought that they were going to string us along with this whole Leonard/Penny relationship even longer.  I’m glad that they didn’t, well I hope that they didn’t.  I guess we will see.  Here are some thoughts and favorite moments from last night’s episode:

  • Sheldon telling Howard:  “Howard, you know me to be a very smart man. Don’t you think that if I were wrong, I’d know it?”
  • Raj explaining to Howard why sex is never what he dreamed it would be: “Because in your dreams, you’re a horse from the waist down.”
  • Wii Cricket
  • Any bit of dialogue involving Sheldon being treed by a chicken.
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  1. There are a few typos I caught. You may want to re-proof read this.

    • Fill a brother in, I’m a horrible proof reader.

  2. “at the comic book story ”

    “when Leonard walk in.”
    walked, or walks?

    I was told that they call him an “entomologist.” but he’s actually an “Etymologist” but.. I don’t think anyone cares lol.

    “I thought that they were going to string us along with this whole Leonard/Penny relationship even longer. ”
    They will.
    You’re not up to date on your spoilers I guess, but this relationship is supposed to be Leonard’s longest lasting one. His previous longest lasting one was 5 weeks. God help us…

    • Thanks. I should hire you to do this for me!
      Yeah, I’ve heard that about this being his longest relationship, but I didn’t know how for sure that source was.

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