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His & Hers: Grey’s Anatomy- Season 6, Episode 3

With the Mercy West staff set to join the Seattle Grace team next week, the doctors are still somewhat preoccupied with the merger, although thankfully it is no longer the main story line. One of the only doctors whose story revolves solely around the merger is Christina, and that is due mostly to the fact that she hasn’t been in an OR for over a week. As hard as she tries to “whore herself out” none of the attendings will accept her services.

Meanwhile, Alex is facing his own monsters, literally. He comes face to face with a bear first thing in the greys_anatomy_tainted_obligationmorning and finds a tick on his neck at lunch. These close encounters with nature drive him to want to retreat back to Meredith‘s house, but he is talked out of it by Christina, of all people.

This week’s drama is provided by Thatcher Grey, Meredith and Lexie’s father, who presents with liver failure.  Doctors quickly determine he needs a liver transplant, which is no surprise considering he’s been bathing it in whisky for decades. With only 90 days of sobriety, he is excluded from the transplant database.  But, because the liver can be regenerated, a live donor is an option. Lexie immediately jumps at that chance, however, she isn’t a match.

greysanatomy_lol-moment_520x334Enter suspense. In a tearful scene between Meredith and Lexie (what of Lexie’s scences aren’t tearful), Lexie begs Meredith to donate her liver to their dad.  Meredith’s genuine goodness overcomes her dark and twistiness and she offers a piece of her liver to her dad. He politely declines, citing the fact he’s already taken enough from her to accept an organ. obligatory commercial break. And then after a point speech from Meredith, in which she finally admits to having a sister, he agrees to accept her gift and the surgery is scheduled.

Drama over. Surgery is a success.

For comedic relief, throw in an 82 year old man asking McSteamy to give him a penile implant. Eventually Christina OR dry spell ends as she gets to scrub in on this surgery and even gets to test out the device.

He Said/She Said
Best plotline:
He Said – The 82 year old man’s request for a penile implant and the discussions around it with Dr. Sloan and his son & daughter (or daughter in law). The look on his kids’ faces were priceless. I liked the recognition in Sloan’s face and how he could project himself years down the line as well as the recognition of the male condition.
She said – Agreed. These scenes provided numerous laugh out loud moments and a reminder that you are never too old to enjoy some good old fashioned loving. You are never too old to be embarrassed thinking about your parents having sex.

Best line:
He Said – “Ah the golden years.  Let me tell you about the golden years doc. There’s just got to be more to life than eating pudding and watching CSI. Now come on. Can you give a guy a working Johnson?”
She Said – “So to pump it up, I just squeeze the jewels?” Bonus line: “Wars have been fought over an erection.”

I could have lived without:
He Said – Callie and Arizona sitting on the park bench. It seemed forced.
She Said – Again; agreed.

A little something for the fellas:
He Said – Sloan, Derek, and Owen sitting around the table playing with the inflatable penis and tricking Christina into taking that surgery.
She Said – All the talk about penises, because don’t you fellas just like to sit around and make penis jokes while we gals have pillow fights and braid each other’s hair?

Something for the ladies:
He Said – When Meredith comes into the hospital room with Thatcher and Lexie to try to convince him to let her give him a piece of her liver. The emotion she expressed for her sister and the relationship that has grown between the two of them.
She Said – The last scene with Lexie sleeping at Meredith’s hospital bed. After over a year of conflict, it finally felt like Meredith had some family, and for those of us who don’t actually have a sister, but have friends who have become our sisters, we know what that feels like.

Something for everybody:
He Said – Izzie stepping out of the trailer and being scared by the bear. It is the moment of clarity. Not everybody gets to come face to face with a bear, but at some point or another everybody comes face to face with that thing that forces them to take the next step.
She Said – Meredith’s decision.  It wasn’t about forgiving her father, it was about moving forward.  I think that we all have something like that in our life. I recently had a counselor tell me that humans aren’t designed to forgive and forget – in fact he said it’s asinine saying. We never forget. But if we are going to move forward, sometimes for our own sanity, sometimes for other relationships (such as Meredith and Lexie’s), then sometimes we have to sacrifice a little piece of ourselves even if the other person is wrong.

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