Posted by: JoeOnTheTube | October 12, 2009

Californication: Verities & Balderdash

californication_season3logoRight now there are two must watch shows for me on Sunday nights, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Californication.  After watching both last night I was struck by the realization that I’m watching two characters on completely opposite ends of the male spectrum.  Larry David seems like he should have everything going for him.  He’s worth over $100,000,000 (not that money buys happiness).  He created one of the greatest TV shows of all time.  He has great friends who like him despite of himself, yet he’s a completely miserable human being.  Hank Moody on the other hand, he seems like he should have nothing going for him. He’s perpetually broke, forcing him to take jobs he doesn’t like.  The woman he loves usually can’t stand to be near him.  His life is basically in shambles, yet he has no shortage of beautiful women and seems to be generally happy.  Who knows?  I’m going to rehash this same thing in my Curb post later, so if you read both then just skip past it.californication_jackie

Hank appears to be sitting in a strip bar watching his student Jackie shake her money makers, which from the looks of it should be making her lots of money.  Turns out that Hank is actually sitting in a faculty meeting for the English Department day dreaming.  He’s awoken by Felicia who’s invited him to a mixer at her house that evening that Hank can’t seem to get out of.

californication_verities_and_balderdashAt the mixer Hank finds Jackie working the bar and flirts with her a little, keeping that door wide open for the future.  Hank begins snooping around and finds Dean Koontz’s Civil War miniatures upstairs when he is caught by Felicia.  She kisses him only to be caught by Jackie.  All three head downstairs and Hank finds his TA Jill visibly upset since her date for the evening stood her up.  Inside Dean Koontz’s office Hank tries to console the two quickly find themselves having sex.  Afterwards they are almost caught by the Koontz’s but Hank’s quick thinking get them out of it.  Three beautiful women at the same party who all want him.  Poor, poor Hank Moody.

Charlie is trying to get his career back on track and he and Sue Collini meet with Rick Springfeld.  Charlie wows both Rick and Sue and he signs Rick as a client.  He calls Marcy to ask her to celebrate with him and she turns him down.  Charlie finds solace in the pants of Sue, and the two are caught with their pants down by Marcy who appears to have had a change of heart.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Rick Springfield?  Really?  I mean I love Jessie’s Girl as much as the next person, but couldn’t you get a little bigger name than Rick Springfield?
  • Charlie is completely hidden by Sue when she’s on top of him in his office chair.
  • Hank was wearing a snuggie?
  • What are the rules for college professors dating or sleeping with their students nowadays?  I have a feeling that Jackie might be the end of Hank’s teaching career.
  • It didn’t take long for the lovely Eva Amurri to get naked on the show.  I mean she does play a stripper and all.  I wonder what her mother, Susan Sarandon thinks about it?  By the way, that was the tamest image I could find of the whole fantasy sequence.  Trying to keep it family friendly here, so if you want to see more the pictures are out there.
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  1. Susan Sarandon does not make ugly children. I was surprised to see the entire clip is online this morning. Wonder if it will last. Personally, I tried to watch season one of this show on dvd and I got through the first disc and never returned as I just didn’t believe it (washed-up writer keeps bedding every woman he meets – c’mon, everyone knows writers don’t get laid!). And it seemed like Duchovny wasn’t even trying to act. But has this season got better?

    • While I’m sure it’s unrealistic I really like the show. The writing is great, and I like DD.
      Do me a favor and give me some thumbs up if you can.
      I’m going to handle 30 Rock unless you want it. I figure The Office and 30 Rock would be a lot for you to handle. I still wan to see your photoshop from The Office this week.

  2. Susan Sarandon actually ENCOURAGED the nude role –

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