Posted by: JoeOnTheTube | October 16, 2009

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Waitress is Getting Married

it'salwayssunny_groupshotThe best thing about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is that I am usually equally grossed out and entertained every episode.  This episode was no exception.

Sweet Dee is trying on wedding dresses.  Obviously this is something she’s done before, because the sales it'salwayssunny_charliemacgirl is catching on.  While there she runs into her old high school flame whom she dumped in high school because he had horrible acne and was convinced he would turn out looking like Edward James Olmos.  It turns out that the acne cleared up and he’s very handsome now.  She takes an interest right away, the only issue is that he’s engaged to The Waitress.

Dee heads back to the bar where Mac, Dennis, and Charlie are trying to get a hornets nest out of the corner of the bar.  Charlie is determined to save the nest so that he can get the honey out of it.  Dee takes Mac and Dennis into the office where they find Frank having phone sex with Artemis.  She tells the guys that The Waitress is getting married and that she is worried what will happen if Charlie finds out.  Turns out that none of them are really worried about Charlie’s feelings but what he will do when he finds out, whether it be killing himself so that Dee has to do all his work, or go crazy and kill them all.  Mac and Dennis decide that they are going to find him someone else to take his mind of the waitress.

Mac and Dennis bust into Charlie’s apartment where he is trying to smoke out all the hornets.   They have decided to sign him up for an account on They start with his picture which turns out horrible since he is covered with stings.  His interests include green ghouls, milk streak, and magnets.  Mac and Dennis decide it will just be better if they write it themselves, and leave to find him a date.

Dee decides to throw the couple a wedding shower so that she can show the groom to be how much better she is than The Waitress.  She assembles anyone she can think of who would make The Waitress look bad.  The group includes Frank and Artemis who are all over each other, Charlie’s and Mack’s mothers who are in pretty bad shape.  When the couple shows up, Dee does everything she can to make The Waitress look bad.  It doesn’t take long before they storm out, only to have the guy knock on Dee’s door a few moments later and tell her that he’s still in love with her.

At the restaurant where Charlie’s date is taking place it’s going bad.  He can’t remember the story that Dennis and Mac gave him so instead of telling his date that he’s a philanthropist he tells her that he’s a “full on rapist,” and he’s sweating through his clothes.  She eventually walks out, and Dennis tells Charlie that The Waitress is getting married.

The next day Charlie shows up at The Waitresses’ fiance’s house with the hornet’s nest in a bok wrapped up like a wedding present.  He finds out that The Waitress has been dumped and that the guy is doing this to all the girls that treated him poorly in high school.  Obviously Sweet Dee is next on his list.

Mac and Dennis are arming themselves at the bar waiting on Charlie to come busting in and go postal.  We find out that Artemis dumped Frank the night before after their tryst in a Wendy’s.

Thoughts and Observations:milk-steak-300x199

  • I love that Charlie won’t give up on the idea of their being honey in the hornets nest.
  • At the restaurant Charlie orders: “Milksteak, boiled over hard, and your finest jellybeans, raw.”  Turns out milksteak is a real thing.  Here’s a picture of it.
  • Frank likes to pick bacon bits out of Artemis’ hair while they are doing it.  It makes her feel like a cob salad.  She dumped him and he’s “all bummed out because of something I did with the onions to myself (pointing down to his crotch).”  I really hope this relationship isn’t over.  It’s too funny/gross.
  • I knew that she slept with Dennis, but I had forgotten that The Waitress had slept with Frank.
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  1. Guess i’ll be taking my milk steak to go.

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