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MTV The City and The Hills – I hate myself for loving you Week 4 (are we done yet?)

These recaps are gonna get shorter and shorter as these shows get lamer and lamer. Sorry, Adam Divello…you are losing me here.

The Hills: Season 6 Episode 4

“Old Habits Die Hard” (The after-school special)

In big news, this week, actress Stephanie Pratt, who plays Stephanie Pratt on the former-hit-show The Hills, was arrested on DUI charges

Oh Stephie....when you point a finger at Holly Montag...just know the rest are pointing back at you. Sad face.

Oh Stephie....when you point a finger at Holly Montag...just know the rest are pointing back at you. Sad face.

Seems the gang was out celebrating Holly Montag’s birthday and Steph decided to take the party on the road. Thus tying a neat bow to this week’s after-school-special of an episode where Steph is all preachy-preachy about Holly’s over-indulgences out and about Hollywood. Also, we find out that Holly, no matter how much she has to drink…is just not a good dancer.

Brent Bolthouse....need I say more?

Brent Bolthouse....need I say more?

Side note: Oh yeah…and Brent Bolthouse might be the most unattractive d-bag on the Hills. He is back this week whoring out Bolthouse Productions in the form of some lame photo exhibit party where Sloppy Holly gets silly. Congrats, Brent! Glad to see you back.

two little drinkers, sitting in a tree....

two little drinkers, sitting in a tree....

This rest of the story??…well…I have no more energy than the producers obviously did…so here is your 21 second recap:

  • Spencer wears the g—damn Brokeback hat again.
  • Holly promises to sober up.
  • Audrina pines over Justin Bobby.
  • Justin Bobby cooks a dinner for Kristin.
  • Justin Bobby has a date with Audrina.
  • Audrina promises to never speak to Amish-Derek again. Poor guy.
  • Kristin visits Brody’s dog.
  • Kristin goes home to do her laundry (or somethng?) at her Dad and Step-Mom’s in Laguna.

Mr. and Mrs Cavallari seem to use the airwaves to market their huge house. I am not sure if it has anything to do with this story I saw not too long ago…but…I hope, if they are selling, they find a buyer. Times is hard.

How did all this take up 30 minutes of my precious time?? I am left wondering the same.

Next week: Does anyone care?

THE CITY: Season 2 Episode 4

“Meet the Fackelmayers”

The word of the day is “Fackelmayer”

The only way you can possibly get away with having this last name and not get your ass whipped at prep school is to have:

a)      a TON of money

b)      The body of a Ken doll

c)      Never step foot into Brooklyn

The face of a Fackelmayer

The face of a Fackelmayer

The Fackelmayer boys and their respective entourage have all this and the frat-boy ties to match. Whitney and Samantha meet  li’l Harry Fack-n-friends at a Bergdorf Goodman party, and invite him and his lifeguard buds out to socialize with them at Skinny-model-friend-Allie’s barbecue. The older Freddie is in tow this time and Whitney and Fred Fack spend some time catching glimpses over their Red solo-cups. Que sexy! Buuuut, there is drama a’brewing as it is pretty clear gap-toothed Samantha’s got a thing for freakin’ Freddie Fack. Expect to see the Facks back.

ALERT: We are on headband-alert once again. Whitney sports a sparkly one at work this week. Sheesh. I forgot to start up a headband count for the season.

Sans Whit, 40 yr. old Rox gets drunk and moody with some no-name “date” complaining that she doesn’t understand why she is not a part of Whit’s social calendar. Eeeeeh, get off the couch, Rox.

Only a brief contractoral glimpse at Kelly Cutrone this week. Le sigh.

Meanwhile…at Elle: Erin and Joe Zee meet for their morning coffee and plan their weekly schedule: an apartment party with Senior VP and Brand Officer, Carol Smith…and a bunch of other hob-knobbers. I think Erin’s face has gotten wider. Possible? That or her constant I-smelled-a-fart-when-you-mention-Olivia’s-name look on her face adds to the width. I can’t put my finger on it.

Erin, turn that frown upside down!

Erin, turn that frown upside down!

Olivia shines at the fiesta and mixes/mingles like a good social butterfly while Erin gets pizzed (again) and heads out the door—no purse/no jacket. She climbs in a cab and goes. Maybe she keeps her cab-fare tucked in the pouches of her cheeks?

Back at the office she tells Olivia that it is not “all about air-kisses” and kinda blows up unnecessarily, but in a funny way. You can see Liv give the blank-stare “…whoa…” look and then get up to give sweet-cheeks some space. C’mon girls, let’s be nice cube-mates for the rest of the season. Speakin’ of…when does this season end?

Next time: Erin and Liv butt heads…again. And Jay comes back to the city…just in time for a Fackelin’.

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