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MTV The City and The Hills Week 5: are we there yet??

MTV The City

Season 2 Episode 5: “Hit it and Quit It”


Whit and Rox looking fine...Freddie is mad for madras

The word of the day is: FRIDOLIN

We start off in yoga class, Whitney just can’t wait until the end of her sun salutations to get chatty with Samantha about last week’s BBQ. Did Jay know she was there? Does he know she brought a couple of Fackelmayers? Would his roommate have told him?

After class, chakras realigned and whatnot, Samantha assures Whit that she is definitely ok with her and Freddie doin’ what they do.

Seems to me these two have known each other for exactly 3 minutes, which, for Freddie, seems exactly long enough for the next step in the relationship, a date with Daddy. So…it is  hot date night and Whit puts on her sexiest, clingiest sweater dress, some pale lipgloss…makes her best entrance aaaaand… FRIDOLIN!

Freddie brought his Daddy, Fridolin Fackelmayer. /Free Doh Leen/. Ok, Freddie’s weird. Fridolin is weird. Oh, and Harry Fackelmayer is 19. That little liar.

I can dig deep into the televised-eyes of Freddie Fack and see that, despite his chiseled chin and bronze tan, he might be a little dorky. (See: madras shirt) FRIDOLIN makes a generic exit excuse, his “car is here.” Whit gives Fred the eye-roll and he says maybe it was a little soon to meet a parental.

Later, with Roxy, Whit recaps the date after practicing their “Single Ladies,” routine. Sadly, there were no clown masks or flat screens to get in the way. She tells Rox the last parent she dined with was Jay’s mom…who, we learn, peddles sex toys. Roxy raises eyebrows. Free samples?

Whitney gets a call from our Justin-Bobby-of-the-East, rocker Jay and he lays on the guilt trip about bringing some boy around his place while he’s “touring.” He hopes she has a happy life. It’s her life. He walks out.

Meanwhile back at work…

Everyone (and this time…it’s everyone: White, Rox, Kelly Cutrone, Erin and Olivia) are filming “working” together on a charity event for KiptonArt Foundation at Longchamp. I have no idea what any of those words mean, but we establish early-on that Olivia will know everyone…so, we’re cool.

Everyone meets to plan the fancy cocktail party that has already been planned. The bar goes here…the apps are here… Olivia is to show Roxy around so that they get photos of the important people.

Party time!

Everyone looks lovely, Freddie Fackelmayer, though, shows up in a madras shirt like he rolled off the yacht, his hair nicely tousled. He is no match for Whit in her cocktail dress.

Olivia points Roxy in the direction of the photographer and sits her down. She has some air-kissing to do, so she is outta there.

Erin and the lovely Cutrone have a heart to heart about finding your place in this world. La Cutrona started her own biz at 22. This might make Erin feel a little bit like a slacker…as we see her cheeks temporarily deflate. What will she do with Olivia?

NEXT WEEK: Olivia and Erin are at it again…The girls head to the Hamptons???

THOUGHTS: Everyone may wonder why Erin insists on “keeping” Olivia, but I am pretty sure Ms. Liv was thrust upon her. Erin may have been at Elle for 4 years, but she doesn’t have that kind of power. Plus…magazines are going under like crazy, Elle could use all the help it can get, even if it is this show that no one watches.

Also—Will we see 19 yr old Harry Faceklmayer and his underage buddies boozing it up again?

Good ideas for Halloween?

MTV The Hills

Season 6 Episode 5: “Sorry Boo, Strike Two”

Boo…get it…Halloween week.

Well, this week’s episode was neither a trick or a treat,  just your S.O.B.S…(Same Ol’ Boring S…)


Don't make me angry...I will argue loudly with you.

Jayde and Brody fight about always fighting. All I can focus on is how “off” Jayde’s face is. Something-not-right. She is like a really young cat-woman. Brody plans to go to Kristin’s soiree and Jayde proclaims she will sit it out.

Kristin and her BFF, Bartender Stacie, make plans for a Malibu Beach House party and they invite the regulars…they even splurge for some party-entertainment in the form of Holly Montag! So Holly thinks she can dance? She is not on my hot tamale train, y’all, sorry.

Kristin gets a text from Justin Bobby explaining that he regrets to inform her that he will be unable to attend her get-together due to prior obligations. With best regards, Justin Bobby. Translation: “Sorry Boo, strike two.”

Kristin gets the hint and starts wondering whether she and Brody will rekindle….AGAIN.

Jayde make her entrance to the festivities because there was not enough drama at home alone, and wouldn’t you know, JB shows up too! Brody is shocked to walk in on Jayde trashing him with her mute girlfriends. They fight…AGAIN. Justin explains to KCav that it would have been a lot worse had he just not shown up…right? Right?

At the Pratt Palace: We see an early scene with a parrot-talking Enzo repeating back every word the Pratt’s say. Cute kid.


Will you accept this gift we are offering today, Holly?

Later on, Steph and Heidi host an intervention…A&E-style! I wish Enzo was there to repeat back what they are all saying. Holly storms out upset, she doesn’t need this!….er something.

Thoughts: It is still pretty hilarious that Steph P is so preachy given the recent incidents of her DUI.

Barely a glimpse of Audrina and Lo!? Denied!

Jaydespeak: yelling = arguing loudly

Does Stacie have a place of her own to stay?

NEXT WEEK: Kristin needs a good reason to leave JB…or does she?

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