Posted by: realityrawks | November 6, 2009

Project Runway Episode 12: Finally!

It seems an eternity and many tears cried by Christopher to get here, but here we go! The final three for Bryant Park were decided. Finally!

The challenge seemed a little recycled. We’ve had this one before: designers in a museum. (Didn’t Chris March fall asleep there?!) Well, this time the designers toured the Getty with their muses/models for ideas and design inspiration.

Now, gentle reader, I know I sound like a broken record, but, again, I was let down. The points of inspiration seemed blah and I held little hope that any of the designers could have pulled off anything magical, no matter how lofty their original idea. I mean, Christopher was fixated on algae. And you know when push came to shove what we got from him was a cinched waist with an algae colored shirt. Just like every other week. Sheesh. And surprise, surprise! Gordana chose a really neutral grey color palette. Althea’s idea is to reference the architecture of the Getty.

After Mood, we saw two days of sewing and panic and worry. Everyone was bitchy and short-tempered this week as the screws turned toward elimination. Irina and Althea had a lot of tension between them and there were a lot of whispers at the work tables behind backs.

The lackluster designs were worked over. Irina lost the Scandinavian Rabbit road kill poncho, Gordana wept over her design that was so powerful to her, and Althea struggled with puckers and seams and ironing. And warding off Irina’s aggression.

At judging time we had no Michael Kors, but instead we had the lovely Cindy Crawford and designer Cynthia Rowley along with Heidi and Nina. The dresses were paraded out, and truly, I thought that I had missed the challenge. Was there supposed to be a total lack of color or excitement in the designs? Wow. Boring. For me, Gordana’s dress showed the most creativity and beauty. It was truly the only inspiring outfit of the bunch.

Everyone was then asked why they should go to Bryant Park and which two competitors should go with them. Christopher cried. Gordana and Irina said they were immigrants so they should go to the finale. Christopher cried. No one thought Gordana should go. Christopher cried on his model. And then he was “auf”.

Irina, of course, will be in the final three, as will little Carol Hannah and lanky Althea. Poor Gordana. Although her dress was head and shoulders above the competition this week, her lackluster performance in past weeks and inability to show the judges her point of view precluded her from the finals. I agree with the final three and at this point, think that Irina has the audacity and confidence coupled with the taste and construction skills to bring it on home. Only two more shows and we’ll know who has been holding their secret for so, so long. Finally.


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