Posted by: JoeOnTheTube | November 9, 2009

Californication- So Here’s The Thing

californication_season3logoWell I guess they can’t all be winners.  Sometimes it is necessary to move the story along at the expense of making a really great episode.  This episode of Californication wasn’t bad by any means, but it really did kind of just serve to further the plot.

With Karen back in his life Hank Moody needs to be less Hank Moody.  He is going to break it off with all three women whom are currently in his life.  He starts with his very sexy student Jackie.  Now Jackie might be CALIFORNICATION (Season 3)the hardest of the three for Hank, because it is the closest thing he has to a relationship with any of these women, at least that’s kind of what Jackie thinks.  HE calls her into his office, and it doesn’t go well at all.  As a matter of fact I would say that the break-up doesn’t take.  Dean Koontz walks in on the pair right has Jackie is undoing his fly.  Koontz, being the hypocrite he is was appalled (remember that his wife Felicia told Hank that he was sleeping with a student at one point).

Next on the list is Jill, Hank’s TA.  Hank takes her to a nice little place for lunch, but the conversation is derailed when Jill see’s her ex and his new fiance.  Hank realizes he can’t break the bad news to her and goes over and tries to embarrass the guy.  It works and he’s no closer to breaking up with Jill than he was before the lunch.  As a matter of fact he may now been in deeper.

Felicia is the next on the list, and should be the easiest since she’s the one he never slept with.  Well that’s about to change.  When he shows up she’s waiting for someone else, and it is another writer played by the very funny Ken Marino.  Since she felt she couldn’t use her hall pass on Hank she moved on to this other writer.  Hank leaves them alone and then changes his mind.  Instead of leaving her to the creepy writer he carries her upstairs and beds her himself.  Looks like Hank is 0 for 3.

CALIFORNICATION (Season 3)Over at the agency Sue is about to lose her first client, Peter Fonda and she needs Runkle’s help.  They head over to his trailer on the beach and Peter challenges Runkle to a fight.  If Runkel wins then Peter stays with Sue.  Lucky for Runkle Peter hurts his back and agrees to stay with Sue.  Sue and Runkle celebrate with a little cocaine back at her place.

Hank walks back into his house and Becca asks him to go for ice cream.  Hank doesn’t suspect anything, which he should until he sees a guy in Becca’s room.  Turns out Chelsea was having sex in there while Becca ran interference.  Hank kicks the guy and Chelsea out, which upsets Becca even more.  She accuses Hank of running the household like a brother, a charge that Hank really can’t argue with, and storms out.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Was Peter Fonda playing Peter Fonda?  They never called him by name so I’m going to assume so.
  • “You’re Runkle; you’d whack it to a cat dancing on YouTube.”
  • So I don’t thin that Hank is going back to New York, but will Karen stay in LA?  Will they even be together by season end?
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  1. “You’re Runkle; you’d whack it to a cat dancing on YouTube.” hahahah best line ever!!

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