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MTV The Hills and The City: Week 7

MTV The Hills, Season 6 Episode 7 “On to the Next”


Pratt Puppies!!! Better than a testicular snip-snip?

Heidi and Enzo get the chance to play with the new Pratt Puppies that Spencer gave to Heidi to replace the possibility of Pratt Babies, but Heidi is still talking about her ovaries. Fed up with the idea of procreation, he and porn-stache Charlie head to the testicle doctor to get a 7 minute spay. Obviously his google search was down because he has no idea what to expect and when Dr. says words like “punch the nut,” Spencer heads out. Perhaps punch-the-nut was actually Spence’s layman’s translation of the procedure. But, wouldn’t it be funny if a doctor said it?
When Enzo leaks that Spence went to the pee pee doc, Heidi finds out and proclaims that since Spence knew she wanted kids, marrying her was the worst mistake of his life. Maybe of all our lives, Heidi…maybe all.

Kristin and Brody are spending a lot of time together: there’s dinner, a lemonade with Brody’s Mom and a night out with Jayde. Wait…what!? At d-bag bar o’ the night, Playhouse, Brody and Kristin do their best to have a subtitled-heart-to-heart over drinks and really loud music. In walks Jayde and her posse. A series of “WTFs” lead to a Brody/Kristin’s exit.
The next morning in Malibu, Kristin serves coffee and says that she doesn’t want to be hurt when Brody goes back to crazy-Jayde. Brody can confidently say (this morning) that there is no way he is going back to Jayde. (…until he goes back to her)

Audrina sets up a meet-up with her ol’ friend JB. She just KNOWS he is really serious this time. Where do we start? What do we say? JB is wearing a leather jacket and no shirt under which makes me a wee bit squeamish for some reason.. Anyway, he figures they are there to finalize something that isn’t. Audrina seems shocked that she is getting the same proverbial slap in the face she always gets from Justin, but he is convinced that Kristin did something different for him than Audrina did.
Oh Audrina…you so-dumb, go home and take a hot bath and wash the JB off for good, homes.

NEXT WEEK: Heidi is going to get impregnated. Jayde and Kristin meet up. JB ends everything w/ Audrina. OR DOES HE???!

MTV The City: Season 2 Episode 7, “Friends and Foe-workers”

Everyone is heading to Miami for Fashion Week!


Whitney overseas the Mara Hoffman show with Kelly Cutrone

People’s Republic is putting on a swimsuit runway show for Mara Hoffman and Kelly’s on a tear.
She rips into Roxy who can’t find a pen to bring to the staff meeting. She and Mara pick through the models, ferociously giggling with one another that they should have a stack of dollar bills in front of them. (…’cause they are eyeing scantily-clad women and looking them over like a set of oggling men…get it…like a strip joint? It’s funny.)
Whitney and Roxy arrive at the hotel and all Roxy can think about is room service and a partying and lying out. Yeah–she said “lying out.” I say laying out. What do you say?
Later that evening Whitney meets her friend bobble-head Nick at some club. She introduces him to Roxy and they talk about their educational backgrounds. We find out that Roxy is not so scholarly. Shocker. Whitney excuses herself to “the ladies” and in the meantime,. the G.E.D. friends head off to hook up. Whitney comes back and looks for her pals. Nada.
Rox shows up late to the show the next day and her and Whitney get into it about who-left-who. Kelly catches word of it and puts the smack down. The show goes off without a hitch, but Cutrone has one more rage in her when she sees the room service bill for $200. Oh, Rox.

Our friends at Elle also say bienvenidos a Meee-ah-mee to cover all the trends at FW. Joe Zee wants to forgive and forget Liv for the Blogger issue fiasco and Liv agrees…it was a learning experience. She won’t be doing any more half-ass, never-take-a-note reporting anymore!


Aw man! Why didn't our episode have more on the guy to Liv's left!?

Erin and Olivia jump on the plane and chit chat about the haps in Miami. Erin, in so many words, encourages Olivia to hit the trade shows, but Olivia doesn’t have it on her schedule.
Olivia’s first stop is to hit the Mara Hoffman show backstage. Her good old friend Whitney is there to show her around…and again Olivia decides not taking notes is really better for her. Gee, this girl! At the after-party, Erin smirks her way through, trash-talking her snooty co-worker, but slyly says that perhaps Liv will pull something together this time. She doesn’t.
Back in new York, Joe Zee is shocked that Olivia didn’t go to the trade shows. Once again, Joe Zee encourages Erin to help Olivia and Olivia to follow Erin’s lead. TEAMWORK! Erin smirks.

NEXT WEEK: Blind dating in the City Erin doesn’t want to hold Liv’s hand.

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