Posted by: JoeOnTheTube | November 16, 2009

Curb Your Enthusiasm- The Table Read

curb-your-enthusiasm_logoAll season long I’ve complained about Curb Your Enthusiasm being a little hard to believe.  At the same time I’ve also talked about just how funny and great this season is.  The fact of the matter is, that it’s both.  It’s far-fetched and hilarious, and I forgive it.

All that being said, tonight both the funny and unrealistic were out of control.  It’s time for the table read of the Seinfeld Reunion, and all the cast and crew are gathered at the studio. Larry makes the rounds of the cast members.  Julia-Luuis Dreyfus is asking Larry about Cheryl.  She seems surprised that Cheryl got the part.  A few moments later Jason Alexander asks Larry the same thing, and then asks to borrow Larry’s pen.  Michael Richards seems to be worried because he might have Groats Disease.  He remembers that Funkhowser’s friend Danny Duberstein had Groats, and Larry promises to put Michael in touch with him.  Before the read starts, Larry spots Funkhowser at the craft services table loading up.  Larry doesn’t want him there, but agrees to let him stay if it’s ok with Jerry.  Funkhowser tells Jerry a filthy jokecurb_jerrylarryfunkhowser and Jerry takes a liking to him.  Before the table read begins Larry is introduced to a crew members daughter, who tells Larry that she will be late after lunch because she is talking the little girl to the doctor, because the girl has a “rash on her pussy.” See what I mean about being un-realistic?  What mother of a nine-year-old talks about her daughter that way?  The answer is NO MOTHER OF A NINE-YEAR-OLD TALKS THAT WAY.  Larry doesn’t even thin it’s that strange, and continues to repeat what’s wrong with the girl throughout the episode.

The table read is going well, and seems like it would be a very funny episode.  The premise is that George made millions off an iPhone app called iToilet, and then lost it all investing it with Bernie Madoff.  His ex-wife, played by Cheryl didn’t lose her money since she pulled her money out, and now George wants to marry her again so he can get his money back.  Larry is the only one that doesn’t seem to be enjoying the read because he is concentrating on Jason Alexander putting Larry’s pen in his mouth and ear, and scratching his back and chest with it.  Larry is disgusted and when Jason tries to give him the pen back Larry refuses.  While working on the script Larry receives his first text message from the 9-year-old he was introduced to.  Turns out her mother gave her Larry’s number.  Larry begrudgingly texts her back which opens the floodgates.

At lunch Larry asks Jeff how he can get in touch with Funkhowser’s friend Danny Duberstein.  Jeff informs him that Danny is dead, and Larry wonders what he’s going to do with Michael Richards.  The restaurant they are in is packed, but since Larry slips the maître d’ $20 every time he goes in, Larry and Jeff are seated right away.  Larry get’s a few more texts from the little girl, and looses his cool with her sending her a text in all caps.  When he arrives back on the set for the reunion the little girl’s mother confronts Larry and tells him that he has to make it up to her by taking them both to lunch and giving the girl a present.    Inside Jason and Larry continue to argue about the pen after Jason gives him a replacement that Larry feels isn’t as good as the original.

At the news stand with Leon, Larry convinces him to portray Danny Duberstein and they agree to meet Michael Richards the next day at 2 after Larry’s lunch with the mother and daughter.  As Larry is going up to pay for his magazine, cash in hand he encounters the maître d’ and the guy takes the cash right out of Larry’s hand.  Larry is shocked, but doesn’t do anything about it.  At lunch the next day, larry doesn’t tip the maître d’ because he took the $20 the day before.  The guy is offended and Larry get’s horrible service causing him to be late to his meeting with Michael and Leon.

Forced to work alone Leon convinces Michael that he is Danny Duberstein, and that the only way he beat Groats was by wearing his lucky hat which he gives to Michael.  Larry is standing watching the rehearsals with Leon and Larry is itching all over.  Looks like he may have gotten that rash from the little girl.  Michael Richards is wearing the  hat Leon gave him, when Funkhowser crashes the set again, this time with the real Danny Duberstein’s widow.  When Michael finds out the truth he storms out and confronts Leon in front of a huge crowd a la a few years ago when Michael Richards screamed and yelled some racial slurs at some audience members, nad of course just as it happened before the crowd is filming it with their cell phones.  I told you last week that I didn’t think this reunion would happen.  I still have my doubts.

Larry is having a doctors look at the rash when he tells him where he got it from, his nine-year-old friend with a “rash on her pussy.”  The doctors leaves the room as Larry is texting the little girl and tells his receptionist to call the police.

Wow, that was a long re-cap, but a lot happened in that episode, and it was a little longer than usual.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • “No, you gotta do that once every 13 years. You gotta recharge the mitzvah.”- Leon on being Jewish.
  • “You don’t loan Jason anything that can be inserted.”- Jerry’s advice to Larry about loaning Jason Alexander a pen.
  • I love the fact that Michael Richards can talk about the incident that pretty much destroyed his career a few years ago.  I was wondering if it would come up during this whole reunion show thing.
  • Am I the only one that was completly surprised at just how dirty Funkhower’s joke for Jerry was?
  • In the reunion episode, Jerry donated his sperm so that Elaine could have a kid.  They’d had sex many times before, do you suppose they did it the old fashioned way or did Jerry use a jar?
  • How long is this episode going to be is, Kenny Bana, George’s mom, and Newman are all worked into it somehow?  I guess the finale did have almost every episode that was ever on the show on it.
  • George’s iPhone app the iToilet is brilliant, especially if you’ve ever tried to find a bathroom in NYC.  There was actually a Seinfeld episode where George claimed he knew of a good public bathroom anywhere in the city.  Good to know he finally put that knowledge to good use.
  • Just FYI, Groats isn’t real disease, but a disease that Curb Your Enthusiasm made up in its second season.  Nice to see them bring it back.
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