Posted by: realityrawks | November 20, 2009

Project Runway Season 6 Finale: A Pretty Mental Finale, I Must Say

For all of my boredom and snarkiness this season, the finale at Bryant Park actually surpassed all of my expectations, I must say. The fashions were much more edgy and far less mundane than any of the previous challenges and work might have indicated. Great work was done by all three girls.

The show opened this week with poor Carol Hannah puking again and Irina not really caring. Quel surprise! Poor CH was really sick and had a crying jag in her helping designer Christopher’s arms and had Logan’s supportive hug to help her along. She perked up on the day before the show and was able to move ahead full steam. Her attitude was super strong and never faltered, even in the face of her exhaustion and sickness. Logan said he was impressed with and proud of her, and so was I.

Everyone was focused and the 13th looks seemed to really fit into each of the collections. No dogs here. There was very little drama between designers as we’ve seen in the past. Althea unfortunately had an uncanny ability this season to either steal or have almost exact simultaneous ideas with Irina, much to Irina’s chagrin. This week it was their vision of their models runway makeup. Althea told Tim her idea, Tim said that sounds just like Irina’s idea, and Irina said “That’s Althea”. Then Althea cried.

The day of the show the designers were a bag of nerves. They started the day at 3:00 A.M. and visited the show tent. As the show drew close, time slipped farther and farther away. Irina experienced a busted zipper and the models were out of makeup as Showtime arrived and passed. In an uncharacteristic show of emotion, Tim Gunn lost it and yelled at everyone backstage. Meow, Tiger!

To start the show Heidi stepped out and introduced Michael as one of her favorite designers of all time, called Nina lovely and beautiful, and merely mentioned Suzy Menkes name. I guess everyone in the audience was familiar with Nina and Suzy, but it still would have been nice of her to at least mention their positions and titles.

Althea started with her Sci-Fi inspired collection of what “the woman of today will wear tomorrow”. The collection was chock full of pieces that I could see a lot of women incorporating into their wardrobe. Maybe they would shorten the sleeves of the garments, because, even in the future, women will need access to their hands. And I didn’t get the Sci-Fi connection.

CH was next with her Gothic fairy collection and her opening dress was stunning. The second look was my favorite look of all the collections. It was like a Punk Degas tutu. Sexy! The silver/grey crinoline number was not one of my favorites. Her collection was blah overall.

Next Irina showed us her protected warrior woman in NY. In all black. Just what Nina and Michael said not to do. It was much more edgy and modern than the designs we’ve seen from her this season.

All in all, a great show!

Now, I must say, the totally best part of the entire finale show was at judging time when the judges were seated and the camera cut to Judge Suzy and I saw it-the hair. Or what I assumed was hair. It was pitch black, darker than the rest of her hair and stood straight up from her head, then curled under just at the tip. I did a double take, re-wound the show and looked several more times. Was that a joke? At one point it looked like Michael and Nina couldn’t look without laughing. As fashion editor of the International Herald Tribune, maybe she’s telling us that this is the latest European trend?! Yuck! All I could think is Ed Grimely, the old Martin Short character! I was totally mental!

Irina won, big shock, and I still don’t like her. However, her pieces are meticulous, well crafted and beautiful. Her Mom and Dad came out to the runway and her dad, who does not support her, just couldn’t stop crying. Perhaps now he will support her and I felt a little happy for her vindication. Nina was even crying!

So the long boring season is over and we can only hope that next season is far better. I hope it will be!


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