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Sons of Anarchy- The Culling

Tonight I held my sleeping newborn son while I watched Sons of Anarchy.  It doesn’t get any better than that now does it.  Tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy, The Culling just blew me away.  It was so amazing.  I know the finale is going to be great, but I don’t know if it could get much better than it did tonight. Lots of stuff happened tonight to move the story along so bear with me in this recap.  I normally don’t go into this much depth, but it was so good I don’t want to leave anything out.

Looks like the Sons of Anarchy are getting ready for war.  SAMCRO has gotten everyone important to them into the clubhouse and put it on lock down.  They don’t want any of their families or friends hurt in what’s about to happen.  They’ve also brought in some outside charters to help them out.  In the chapel they run down the plan to get their guns, clear Chibs with Jimmy O, and turn Weston and others against Zobele.  They are organized and they are ready.  They briefly discuss Half-Sac after they find out that his body rejected the implant.  It’s good to see Clay with such a clear head all of a sudden.

Jax, Opie, and Juice go to tell Weston about Zobele’s dealings with the Mayans.  Of course Weston is pissed about Jax busting in his house and messing with his sons.  He also has no idea that Jax and the Sons know about what he did to Gemma.

Chibs meets his wife Fiona at a park and he tells her that he wants to get her out since the ATF is aware of Jimmy O and they are planning to take him down.  Clay has arranged for the Belfast charter of SOA to watch out for Chibs daughter.  While the two share a brief moment in the bathroom at the park, she doesn’t seem sure about leaving.  Clay and Bobby meet with Jimmy O and tell him that it’s really the Hayes’ who’ve turned on the Irish, they give him photos that Unser took from the ATF as proof.

Back at the clubhouse Gemma and Tara are sitting at the bar when a “croweater” offers Tara some coffee.  At first she refuses, but Gemma insists that she needs to take advantage of it.  She tells her that people need to show her respect in Charming, since she’s Jax Teller‘s old lady.

Clay and Jax meet with the Niners and the Asians.  They explain that they have a common enemy, Zobele.  They hatch a plan to wipe out Zobele and the Mayans wich is good business for all.

Weston finds Zobele’s drug house and busts in killing the two workers and Ule after he tells Weston that the guns went to the Mexicans, corroborating what Jax told him.  Back at the club house Chuckie has resurfaced with burns from the Cara Cara fire.  He agrees to file a report that Weston torched the studio and is sent outside while the grown-up talk shop.

Over at the IRA safe house Polly is leaving and Agent Stahl heads in to talk to Edward.  She warns him that if he doesn’t give up Jimmy O she will “bury him.”

Polly arrives at the cigar shop and Weston bust in with some of his Aryan Brotherhood goons and pulls a gun on Zobele for betraying the cause.  Polly pulls a gun on Weston and Zobele is able to calm them all down enough to at least put down the guns.  Weston is pissed and is starting to get a little irrational.  He’s playing right into SAMCRO’s hands.  Zobele tells his daughter to call Hale and get some cops over to watch her and the store while he goes for more new protection.  Weston arrives at the Charming PD as his sons are being taken away by social services since he left them alone in a house with loaded firearms.  Jax, Opie and Juice show up and set up a time for a fight between the ten best of Weston’s crew and the ten best of Jax’s, no weapons.

Inside the police department Hale tells Chief Unser about the killings that Weston committed and he thinks it’s SAMCRO’s work.  Unser tells him that it isn’t, and it doesn’t matter anyway since it didn’t take place in their jurisdiction.  At that pint Hale notices Chuckie and asks why he’s there.  Unser informs him that he witnessed who burned down CaraCara.  Hale has a tail put on Jax and Clay.

Gemma and Tara are out running errands and have a little heart to heart about their roles in life.  Tara’s role is healing and Gemma’s is to be a fierce mother. 

Over at the safe house Jimmy O shows up to pick up the guns, at least that’s what Edward and the ATF watching the house think.  Jimmy and SAMCRO trick both of them into leaving and get their guns.  After the guns are loaded up in the van Clay, Jax, Tig, Bobby and a few others head to the Army-Nay surplus store to continue the ruse.  Of course Jimmy O isn’t there, and neither are the guns.  When Stahl asks where Jimmy O is the Sons plead ignorance of who he is, and Stahl hits Chibs.  They open the create that is supposed to have the guns in them  but contains only two dead rats, meant as a message for the Hayes’.

Over at the hospital Tara is catching up on her charts when Margret Murphy, the administrator who suspended Tara walks in.  Murphy starts to bully Tara, and Tara turns on her.  Telling her just how much she pity’s her.  When Murphy calls Gemma a whore Tara goes after her and assaults her, warning her that if she does anything about it that she will be in big trouble.  Oh and while Murphy is keeping quiet she should drop the claim against Tara.  Murphy is scared, and it looks like she’s done bullying anyone.  Way to go Tara, looks like she’s embraced being an old lady after all.

The crew heads off to meet Weston, and  Gemma consoles both Tara and Lyla as the guys ride off being tailed by the cops that Hale put on them.  The Sons wait on Weston to show up, and when he does his guys are armed to the teeth.  At that point Both LaRoy and Lin show up with their crews tilting the scales in SAMCRO’s favor.  After Weston’s guys put down the guns, they fight goes as planned until the cops show up.  When Hale gets there it’s only the Sons and Weston left.  Hale arrests Weston for burning down the studio, and Clay and the crew call Unser and head over to Zobele’s cigar store.

Unser send the cops watching the store away and waits for Clay to show up.  When Clay shows up he tells Polly to call her dad.  At that point Zobele walks in.  Clay tries to get him outside so he can take him outside of Charming to kill him.  At that point Hale and the two cops that Unser sent away come back in and see what’s going on.  Unser tells them all to leave since he’s the ranking officer there.  As Hale and the other two cops begin to leave Zobele tells them that he and his daughter are in possession of some heroin and it’s under the counter.  Smart move.  He realizes that they will last longer in jail than they will on the street with SAMCRO after them.  As he’s being arrested Jax tells Zobele that they are still going to kill him.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Wow, I mean WOW.  Sutter and crew really out did themselves.  I loved season one, but man this season has blown it out of the water.  No sophomore slump here.
  • I was a little creeped out when Zobele left Polly at the cigar shop.  That kiss he gave her was a little more than a father should give a daughter.
  • Zobele left to find new protection.  I can only assume that he was going to enlist the Mayans.
  • With Weston and Zobele behind bars I guess the attention turns to clearing out the Mayans.  SAMCRO made a promise to the Lin and LaRoy to help clear them out.  Wonder how long it will take before the Asians and the Niners turn on each other?
  • Looks like Half-Sac is going to get his top rocker.  I’ve been waiting for this.  He sure as hell has earned it.
  • Tara’s turn in this episode was AWESOME!  “No THIS is assault!”
  • What was that whole thing with the guy from the Tacoma charter and Tig?  There is some sort of beef there, I hope it get’s explained in the finale.
  • Jax is responsible to Weston’s kids being taken away.  “At least I didn’t gang rape them.”
  • During the fight Tig bit one of Weston’s guys ear off.  This is why Tig is so great.
  • I’m not making any predictions for the finale, but I do think that Unser will step down at the end of the episode, and next season will be all about Hale vs. SAMCRO.
  • I can’t wait for next week.  FX isn’t sending out the preview screeners until the day it airs, so don’t ask me what happens.  I don’t know any more than you do.
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  1. Don’t you think this whole season has been repetitive with the war with Zobel’s crew? How many vows of revenge, fist fights and gun fights have we seen?

    It’s just odd to me that they keep vowing to kill these guys, so why don’t they walk into the cigar shop and just blow them away? They know where they are. It feels like they’re stretching it out and repeating plot lines and scenes, ya know? And that’s always a warning sign on a show that they’ve run out of inspiration.

  2. I think the point is that they want to keep Charming clean, and can’t start a war on main street and keep their place in the community. I’m pretty sure that they know where they are going and the final episode will have a HUGE pay-off.

  3. Does anyone know who that guy that was in Tigs’ face at club reaper is? The one Tig asked if he wanted a kiss. And why don’t they like each other?

    • They didn’t address it. Either they will talk about it this week, or it will just be chalked up to Tig being Tig.

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