Posted by: JoeOnTheTube | November 28, 2009

Top Ten TV Series of the Decade from The Hollywood Reporter

Yesterday I read this article from the Hollywood Reporter.  As this decade comes to a close I’m sure that we will start seeing a lot more of these types of lists.  I personally love lists and I’ve been thinking about doing my top ten of the decade for a while now.  First, since I think Barry Garron’s list is pretty damn good I’m going to re-post it with my comments (which are in italics).  Look out for JoeOnTheTube’s Top 10 of the Decade list tomorrow.

10. MODERN FAMILYABC, 2009-present: Now I love Modern Family, but with only 9 episodes under it’s belt it’s too early to put among the 10 best shows of the decade.  In a few years I might look back and admit I was wrong, but I couldn’t include it.
9. LOST-ABC, 2004-present: I have to agree will this one.  Even with a season or two that were stinkers Lost has kept me coming back again and again.  For me it really all hinges on the upcoming season.  It is ends well then It should be there, but if it doesn’t it could knock it off my list.
8. 24-Fox, 2001-present: Another solid pick in my opinion. Like Lost it’s had some seasons that were less than stellar, but it did introduce us to one of TV’s great heroes, Jack Bauer.
7. 30 ROCKNBC, 2006-present: Once again, dead on.  One of the funniest and most clever shows on TV.
6. MAD MEN-AMC, 2007-present: I;m on the fence about Mad Men being on this list.  I’m going to have to think long and hard about including it in my top 10.
5. DAMAGESFX, 2007-present: Not really a fan of Damages.  Wouldn’t make my top 20.
4. THE SHIELD-FX, 2002-08: I missed out on The Shield, but I’ve never heard anything but great things about it so I can understand why it would be on someone’s list.
3. CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASMHBO, 2000-present: Yes, Yes, Yes
2. THE WEST WING– NBC, 1999-2006: Another one that I missed the boat on.  I was in college when West Wing, and not really interested in this type of series so I never watched it.  It will be on many top ten lists I’m sure.  I love Aaron Sorkin (Sports Night would be in my top 10 of all time), so I’m sure this show was great.
1. THE SOPRANOS-HBO, 1999-2007: No surprises here.  Maybe one of the greatest shows of all time.

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  1. MAD MEN = #1!!!!!!

    And where’s Six Feet Under? This could be the greatest show of all time.

    The Office would probably make my Top Ten but 30 Rock would still be ahead of it as the #1 comedy.

    Do you agree with many that Lost is the greatest SCI-FI series of all time?

    • I’ll post my list tomorrow. There are some repeats, but I think he left off some biggies.

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