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SYTYCD – Top 6 Couples

Only 6 couples are left and tonight they have two performances. Tomorrow the six dancers with the lowest votes will dance for their lives and the judges will decide who will be going home. Tonight is the last night they will dance with their orignal partners. Read More…

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Adam Lambert Apparently Too Gay For Good Morning America

After Adam Lambert‘s now famously controversial performance on the American Music Awards in which he kissed another guy, drug a guy around on a leash, and then had some dude simulate oral sex on him; Good Morning America has cancelled Adam’s performance on the show that was scheduled for tomorrow morning.  ABC received more than 1,500 phone complaints from viewers about the sexually suggestive performance and pulled the pulg on Glambert.  CBSThe Early Show has no qualms about taking ABC’s sloppy seconds though.  They booked Adam in that spot almost right away.

I know that Adam Lambert is just being true to who he is, but I’m pretty sure that this is the reason he didn’t win American Idol. I said it all season long, right or wrong, Middle America isn’t ready for Adam Lambert, and I don’t know if they are ready for any male pop star flaunting his homosexuality like that.  Kris Allen didn’t offend anyone and that’s why he won.  I don’t know if he was better than Lambert, but in the end that wasn’t what it was about.

Reblog this post [with Zemanta]I don’t think this all this is going to hurt Adam Lambert’s career.  He’s a talented musician.  He’s also over the top and gay.  It’s too bad that some people aren’t going to give his music a chance just because of that.  Personally I don’t like his music, who cares if he’s gay?
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The Big Bang Theory- The Vengeange Formulation

I’m a little late getting this up, big a new parent is pretty exhausting, and writing two posts in one  morning was more than I had energy for.  I really like last night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. I thought it got back to the dynamics that made the show so great, and didn’t focus solely on the Penny/Leonard relationship which many of the episodes this season have had a tendency to do.

Howard is finishing his third date with Bernadette.  She informs him that the thrid date is typically the date for sex, but wants to make sure he’s serious about her.  Howard begins to waffle.  Howard’s problem is that he has way too high an opinion of himself and the type of woman he should be dating.  Bernadette just isn’t the fantasy woman he sees himself with.  He asks for some time to think about it.

Sheldon tries to inform the guys that he’s going to be interviewed on NPR the next day, but his archenemies Kripke spoils the surprise.  Back at home Penny can’t believe that Howard has put Bernadette up on a shelf the way that he has, and chastise him for it.

The next day during Sheldon’s interview Kripke feeds a line with helium in it into Sheldon’s office and his voice begins to get higher and higher throughout the interview.  Sheldon is humiliated, and it’s not helped when he finds out that both Leonard and Raj thought it was pretty funny.  Leonard tries to cheer him up and encourage him to get revenge by playing his own practical joke on Kripke.

Howard is in the tub along with a fantasy version of Katee Sackhoff from Battlestar Galactica.  The fantasy tells him that it’s sad that he would rather sit in the tub alone and play with himself instead of being with a real woman.  Howard heads to The Cheesecake Factory to search for Bernadette.  When he finds her he drops to one knee and asks her to marry him.  She thinks he is crazy, and walks off.

Sheldon has devised the perfect revenge on Kripke.  He’s found the perfect mix of chemicals that when combined form a gooey foam.  He’s planted them in the ceiling above Kripke’s office that will be set off when he enters the room.  The problem is that Kripke enters with the university president and the board of directors.  They are all covered and a computer image of Sheldon comes on in the office telling everyone present that Sheldon was responsible with Leonard and Raj’s help.

Never one to give up Howard get’s behind the piano at The Cheesecake Factory and sings a song he’s written for Bernadette.  While Penny is disgusted, Bernadette finds it to be the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for her.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • I love that Sheldon things Howard is inferior since he only has a Masters from MIT.
  • Speaking of MIT, do you think that Howard’s mom when with him while he was at MIT?  Do you think she relocates with him everywhere?
  • Do you think Jim Parson’s had the help of actual helium or dd he just make his voice go that high?  Either way it was very funny.
  • Howard and Katee Sackhoff’s conversation in the tub was classic.  Katee: “Thanks, Howard. Always nice to be part of your masturbatory fantasies.”  Wolowitz: “Come on, Katee. Don’t make it sound so cheap.”  Katee: “I’m sorry. Fiddling with yourself in the bathtub is a real class act:”
  • “My mother is very excited. She’s convening her Bible study group to listen in and then pray for my soul.” – Sheldon on his NPR interview.
  • Leonard to Wolowitz: “You’d have a better shot with the three-breasted Martian hooker from Total Recall.”  Wolowitz’s response “That movie was like 20 years ago. Imagine how saggy those things would be.”
  • Melissa Rauch who I’ve only seen on those I Love The… VH-1 Specials and Best Week Ever is great.  I always thought she was hilarious, and she sure can fill out those uniforms from The Cheescake Factory.
  • Not much Penny in this episode, and that’s not always a bad thing.  I like Penny, but it’s nice to see it be about the guys again.


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How I Met Your Mother- Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap

Rarely are sequels a good idea, and it’s even a more rare occurrence that they are better than the original.  These are both true in the case of last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother.

The premise was simple.  Lily was cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and Marshall found the greatest turkey ever, but he left it in the cab.  He’s very upset, but when Ted and Robin bring it back from the port authority Marshall is so excited he gives them one of the most generous gifts ever, his fourth slap.  All they have to do is decide who’s going to slap Barney and it must be done before sundown when the meal begins.

As the two of them decide and argue about who’s going to deliver the slap to Barney while he sitting in the slap-throne there is another knock at the door.  It turns out to be Lily’s dad, Mickey Aldren played by Chris Elliot.  At this point we get some back story about why Lily hates her dad.  Turns out that he always aspired to create the next great American board game.  He was so obsessed with it he missed Lily’s childhood.  When he moves back in with Lily’s grandparents and her grandfather is forced to go back to work at the steel mill it is the final straw and Lily gives him her “you’re dead to me” stare.  We see the other times she’s given the stare as well, once with one of her bridesmaids at her wedding, once with the neighbor across the hall who stole her paper, and once with the bodega owner who gave her regular instead of decaf coffee.

Marshall wants to get Lily and her father back together.  He thinks that every family should be like his.  Marshall is the one that invited Mickey to Thanksgiving and when Lily finds this out she leaves.  As they wait for her to come back they all play Mickey’s new board game Diseases.  Robin and Ted are still arguing about who gets to slap Barney.  Barney is egging them on in hopes that he won’t get slapped at all.  When Mickey’s game explodes goo all over the turkey Marshall loses it.  He tries to give Lily’s “you’re dead to me” stare, but he can’t do it as well as she can.  Marshal leaves to find Lily, and it turns out that she’s in the bodega.  She realizes that she wants her father in her life, and they go back upstairs to enjoy Thanksgiving.  First the slap has to take place.  Robin eventually gives in and let’s Ted do the slapping, he gives it back to her, and she gives it to Mickey who in turn gives it to Lily.  Lily can’t bring herself to slap Barney so Marshall declares there will be no slap this year.  Just as Barney is untied from the slap-throne he stands up and Marshall delivers a huge slap that send Barney to the floor.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • “YouuuuSonOfABitch.” This is the second time that Lily has delivered the line.  I’m hoping it becomes her new catch phrase, because it is funny when she says it.
  • What did you think of the commercial for Micky’s new board game, “Slap Bet.”  I really wasn’t impressed.  It should have been funny, but it just wasn’t.
  • I love that Ted lied about still being in love with Robin in order to get the slap.
  • Some great slap puns: “This once pure fruit has turned into a poisoned slapple.”  Eric Slapton.  Slap Diem.
  • Slap Bet Commissioner might be the greatest job in the world.  You can change the rules at your own whimsy to suit yourself.
  • Only one slap left?  Do you think we will wait a long time to see it or will it come quickly so that another slap bet can take place?
  • The board games Mikey Aldren created: Tijuana Slumlord, Car Battery, Landmine Lunge, There’s A Clown Demon Under Your Bed, Sleepy Tombstone Maze, Dog Fight Promoter, Diseases.
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Lost Comes Back February 2nd

That’s right, Lost begins it’s 6th and final season on February 2nd.  That night the season will kick off with a hour long recap to catch everyone up, and then the two hour season premiere.  Of course DarinIsLost will review and recap every episode right here on

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Curb Your Enthusiasm- Seinfeld

Well I’m big enough to admit when I’m wrong.  I had predicted that somehow Larry would screw up the Seinfeld Reunion show and it wouldn’t happen.  I was partly right, but in the end the show must go on.  It was a great way to end this season, and possibly the series of Curb Your Enthusiasm.  I’ll get to that later.

The rehearsals are still going on and Cheryl is rehearsing with Jason Alexander in the diner.  Everyone things Cheryl is doing great, especially Larry.  The two ex’s are starting to hit it off again and make plans to get together later that night at Cheryl’s house after the party that Julia is throwing for Jason Alexander’s new book, “Acting Without Acting.”  As Larry is leaving he see’s Mocha Joe, the lot coffee guy who Larry asks for a favor.  At the party Jerry Seinfeld tells Larry that Mocha Joe was a little upset that Larry didn’t tip him.  At that point Julie Louis-Dryfus pulls Larry aside and asks him if he left a ring on her table.  Larry proclaims his innocence,but Julia isn’t buying it.  Larry spots Mocha Joe outside and confronts him about what he was just told by Jerry.  In order to make it even Larry agrees to do a favor for him, going to pick up his coffee beans in West Hollywood.

Larry get’s stuck in traffic and is going to be late to Cheryl’s so she cancels.  Larry was also late picking up the beans and the place is closed.  The next morning Larry finds out that Cheryl had Jason Alexander over in his place, and starts to get jealous of the time they are spending together.  This obviously is the beginning of the end.  Larry does all he can to catch the two of them together just to confirm his suspicions.  At the same time he’s looking for who really left the ring on Julia’s coffee table.  At one point Larry even catches Jason in Cheryl’s dressing room, but Jason escapes through the bathroom window before Larry can confront him.  Larry tells Cheryl, “You’re not attracted to him, you’re attracted to George! I’m George!” In the end Larry ends up writing a new script for the show that gives Cheryl and Jason less screen time together.  This outrages everyone and Jason quits.  Larry offers to play the part since it is based on him anyway, and it doesn’t go so well.  For the betterment of the show Larry quits.  He tells Jeff (at least I assume it was Jeff on the other end of the phone) that since he did this all to get Cheryl back and that didn’t happen he decided to quit.

Larry is sitting at home watching the show as it airs, and he seems happy.  When Cheryl is supposed to come on screen Larry is shocked to find out that Virgina (played by Elizabeth Shue) is playing the part.  At that point the doorbell rings and it’s Cheryl holding some Mocha Joe’s coffee.  The two make up and Larry might have also discovered who left the ring on the table.

Like I said it was a great way to end.  No one is really sure if the show is coming back or not.  Larry David is mum on the thought of a 7th season, and HBO hasn’t said anything either.  I personally hope it comes back, but if it doesn’t it’s nice that Larry ends on a high note for once.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • “Act without Acting.”  Brilliant.  It’s almost as if they were summing up Jerry Seinfeld’s acting style.
  • “I respect wood.  I revere wood!”
  • Jerry explaining why Larry can’t play George, “He’s an icon. She’s an icon. He was an icon. [points to self] Icon. [points to Larry] No-con!”
  • It would have been great if Leon showed up in the final episode.  He was underutilized this season.  I love Leon.
  • Was it cruel that Jason Alexander left his dogs in the hot car all day long?
  • I really didn’t think the finale was that bad, but boy they kept bringing up how bad the cast thought it was.  That’s the problem with things like finales, they will never be as amazing as you want them to be.
  • Jerry and Larry really are just the same.  Jerry Seinfeld could have played Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm and it might have been just as good.  The scene where Jerry gives Larry Larry’s stare to tell if he was lying was great, and dead on.  Jerry even describes them as “twins in the womb.”
  • Michael Richards really was under utilized in this episode, and maybe all season.  I hope this helps vindicate him after the trouble he got into.
  • We got to see almost 15 minutes of the fake Seinfeld Reunion show on Larry’s TV.  It really was great.  For a while there I thought we would see the whole episode.
  • I complained a bit about the whole seaosn being a little far fetched, but I really did love it.  It was great seeing the whole cast back together again for the first time on TV.  This really was almost as good as a real Seinfeld reunion and in someways maybe it was better.


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Project Runway Season 6 Finale: A Pretty Mental Finale, I Must Say

For all of my boredom and snarkiness this season, the finale at Bryant Park actually surpassed all of my expectations, I must say. The fashions were much more edgy and far less mundane than any of the previous challenges and work might have indicated. Great work was done by all three girls.

The show opened this week with poor Carol Hannah puking again and Irina not really caring. Quel surprise! Poor CH was really sick and had a crying jag in her helping designer Christopher’s arms and had Logan’s supportive hug to help her along. She perked up on the day before the show and was able to move ahead full steam. Her attitude was super strong and never faltered, even in the face of her exhaustion and sickness. Logan said he was impressed with and proud of her, and so was I.

Everyone was focused and the 13th looks seemed to really fit into each of the collections. No dogs here. There was very little drama between designers as we’ve seen in the past. Althea unfortunately had an uncanny ability this season to either steal or have almost exact simultaneous ideas with Irina, much to Irina’s chagrin. This week it was their vision of their models runway makeup. Althea told Tim her idea, Tim said that sounds just like Irina’s idea, and Irina said “That’s Althea”. Then Althea cried.

The day of the show the designers were a bag of nerves. They started the day at 3:00 A.M. and visited the show tent. As the show drew close, time slipped farther and farther away. Irina experienced a busted zipper and the models were out of makeup as Showtime arrived and passed. In an uncharacteristic show of emotion, Tim Gunn lost it and yelled at everyone backstage. Meow, Tiger!

To start the show Heidi stepped out and introduced Michael as one of her favorite designers of all time, called Nina lovely and beautiful, and merely mentioned Suzy Menkes name. I guess everyone in the audience was familiar with Nina and Suzy, but it still would have been nice of her to at least mention their positions and titles.

Althea started with her Sci-Fi inspired collection of what “the woman of today will wear tomorrow”. The collection was chock full of pieces that I could see a lot of women incorporating into their wardrobe. Maybe they would shorten the sleeves of the garments, because, even in the future, women will need access to their hands. And I didn’t get the Sci-Fi connection.

CH was next with her Gothic fairy collection and her opening dress was stunning. The second look was my favorite look of all the collections. It was like a Punk Degas tutu. Sexy! The silver/grey crinoline number was not one of my favorites. Her collection was blah overall.

Next Irina showed us her protected warrior woman in NY. In all black. Just what Nina and Michael said not to do. It was much more edgy and modern than the designs we’ve seen from her this season.

All in all, a great show!

Now, I must say, the totally best part of the entire finale show was at judging time when the judges were seated and the camera cut to Judge Suzy and I saw it-the hair. Or what I assumed was hair. It was pitch black, darker than the rest of her hair and stood straight up from her head, then curled under just at the tip. I did a double take, re-wound the show and looked several more times. Was that a joke? At one point it looked like Michael and Nina couldn’t look without laughing. As fashion editor of the International Herald Tribune, maybe she’s telling us that this is the latest European trend?! Yuck! All I could think is Ed Grimely, the old Martin Short character! I was totally mental!

Irina won, big shock, and I still don’t like her. However, her pieces are meticulous, well crafted and beautiful. Her Mom and Dad came out to the runway and her dad, who does not support her, just couldn’t stop crying. Perhaps now he will support her and I felt a little happy for her vindication. Nina was even crying!

So the long boring season is over and we can only hope that next season is far better. I hope it will be!

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JoeOnTheTube Will Be Right Back Folks

JoeOnTheTube has spent the last 24 hours with his wife who just gave birth to JoeOnTheTubeJr. last night. 

So that means no reviews of Community or 30 Rock today since I didn’t get to see either one.  My goal is to have them up by Monday.  Of course we will still have RealityRawks’s review of the Project Runway Season Finale and Dan’s review of The Office up for you today.

Happy TV watching and see you on Monday.

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Grey’s Anatomy ~ Holidaze

His & Hers
Grey’s Anatomy Season 6, Episode 10 ~ Holidaze

Nothing starts a holiday like a pep talk with your boss/mom’s former lover about how his alcoholism wasn’t really alcoholism. It’s also super nice when your boss/mom’s former lover offers to be your mentor since you did see him in the bar drinking vodka. This story takes a bad turn and Meredith’s mentoring begins to look a lot more like Lexi’s caring for her father two seasons ago.

Cardio GoddessWelcome back cardio goddess, who in the first 30 seconds of this episode takes someone’s heart out; not to replace it with another heart; just to take it out. She replaces it with two machines hooked up externally. By the patient’s side is a guy who has only been on four dates with her. And yet, he stays by her side. Teddy allows the patient her wish to go out into the snow (she’s a softy for Christmas), which doesn’t go so well for her. A complication of the heart surgery caused her bowel to die (who knew bowels died?). After a laparoscopic surgery, where the patient is awake, she gets her new heart on New Year’s Eve. Once her new heart is beating in her chest, Mr. Stand By Me pulls out a ring and proposes. Collective awwwwwww.

If you are going to have an illegitimate child, you should totally name them after the dad’s last name. That is what happened when Sloan Riley showed up to introduce herself to Mark. “Hi Dad!” And we’re off. Not only does she show up, she moves in. By New Year’s Eve we find the real reason Sloan is here is that, like her mother, she is pregnant at 18 with nowhere to go.

Mark’s tension over his newly arrived daughter is compounded by a little boy who needs a brain surgery and the hospital doesn’t have the necessary tools to complete the procedure. Derek, Arizona, and Mark decided to pay out of their pocket to have the tools made so the boy doesn’t die. The tools are finished just in time and the boy’s life is saved just at the stroke of midnight.

HolidazeWelcome to awkward tension between Teddy and Owen, who clearly had some unresolved issues in the dessert. What can make awkward tension for love gone lost worse? Watching the man you love sing and play the acoustic guitar in front of a Christmas tree. Fast forward to New Year’s Eve where just after the stroke of mid-night Teddy and Owen share a passionate moment in an ER room where they declare they have always loved each other. Their lips get just close enough to meet when Owen then holds her close and uses his lips to tell her, “I’m in love with Cristina.” Dang! Read More…

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SYTYCD – Where is the post?

Sorry everybody. I did not see this weeks episode of SYTYCD. My husband did and said it wasn’t very good. I can tell you that last week we lost Pauline & Phillip and this week we lost Channing & Kevin. I apologize for not writing a true report on the show. I promise next week things will be back to normal.

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