Posted by: JoanieCan'tDance | December 1, 2009

SYTYCD – Top 10

We are finally to the top 10 dancers. I am excited, because this is where I start to pay attention. It seems like when there are more dancers I can never remember who is who.

Tonight the contestants change partners. They will draw a name out of the hat each week to find out who their partner will be. Another major change this week is that the judges do not have the final say as who goes anymore. It is all based off votes, and you vote for the individual dancer not the couple. The last change is that each dancer will each perform a solo.

So, let’s get to it…

Noelle & Ryan – hip hop by Tabitha & Napoleon. Song – “Give It To Me Right” by Melanie Fiona. It was a cute routine, but I don’t think that hip hop is supposed to be cute.

Nigel – It was a really good fun routine and you had good chemistry.

Mary – Good job.

Adam – It was all good.

Ashleigh & Legacy – contemporary by Gary Stewart. Song – “Poison” by The Prodigy. Weird song. It didn’t feel like contemporary. Danced well. It looked like they were fighting. It seemed a little long. I got bored.

Nigel – It was absolutely fantastic.

Mary – WOW! That routine was a fight to the finish.

Adam – You guys didn’t look afraid. Fabulous!

Mollee – solo – Jazz. Song – “Rock The Beat” by LM*AO. It was good, but she looks so young! It is hard to look past that.

Russell – solo – crump. Song – “Outros” by Black Milk. Crumping is weird, but he did a great job. He is one of my favorites. He showed a lot of new stuff.

Kathryn & Nathan – broadway. Song – “Choreography” by Danny Kaye. Kathryn looks adorable. Super cute routine. I loved it.

Nigel – I thought that you both found that style absolutely perfectly.

Mary – Absolutely marvelous.

Adam – Great job.

Noelle – solo – contemporary. Song – “Everytime It Rains” by Charlotte Robins. Good – very happy.

Ellenore & Jakob – quick step. Song – “Four Brothers” by Mathattan Transfer. I just don’t like ballroom. It was okay.

Nigel – Fun routine

Mary – You guys were given some tough stuff and you conquered it.

Adam – You guys were so fantastic.

Ryan – solo – ballroom. Song – “Rock You Like A Hurricane” by Scorpions. At least he had a shirt on. It is hard for ballroom dancers to do a solo. It was pretty good.

Kathryn – solo – contemporary. Song – “Beautiful” by Bethany Dillon. She did a good job. She doesn’t seem as powerful as some of the other dancers, but I like her.

Mollee & Russell – lyrical jazz by Mandy Moore. Song – “It Must Have Been Love” by Roxette. I was surprised, but it was really good.

Nigel – Absolutely beautiful choreography. Congratulations.

Mary – Talk about chemistry. Everything was so believable.

Adam – I couldn’t be more proud.

Nathan – solo – contemporary. Song – “Golden Train” by Justin Nozuka. Wow. He is good. He is not one of my favorites at all, but he did a good job. On no, the MAN TEARS! Boo!!

Noelle & Ryan – smooth waltz. Song – “Jeux d’eau” by O (Cirque du Soleil soundtrack). This was one slow dance. I guess it was pretty.

Nigel – You look like a prince & princess at the end of a Disney movie falling in love.

Mary – Good job.

Adam – I was breathing with you, it was that good.

Ellenore – solo – jazz. Song – “Beatbox Harmonica” by Yuri Lane. She has a unique style. I am not sure if she is going to get the votes she needs to stay on the show.

Ashleigh & Legacy – hip hop. Song – “Slow Down” by Bobby Valentino. Ashleigh way out danced Legacy. It wasn’t as good as their last number.

Nigel – I didn’t feel it.

Mary – Didn’t like it.

Adam – Needed to be taken up a notch.

Kathryn & Nathan – Rumba. Song – “Walk On By” by Aretha Franklin. Pretty good.

Nigel – Failed to get chemistry between the two of you.

Mary – Passion wasn’t there. There were some awkward moments.

Adam – Good job.

Legacy – solo – b- boy. Song – “No Air” by Jordan Sparks & Chris Brown. He is good, I don’t know how he does all that stuff on his head. But, the man tears! BOO!!!

Ellenore & Jakob – contemporary by Sonya Tayeh. Song – “Tore My Heart” By OONA & Dave Tweedie. Weird, but I really liked it. Sonya is probably the perfect choreographer for Ellenore.

Nigel – Brilliant! Incredible chemistry. This is my favorite routine of this season.

Mary – Whoo!!! It was great!

Adam – This is going to leave an impression on the audience of this show for a long time.

All the judges screamed and gave a standing ovation.

Ashleigh – solo – ballroom. Song – ” Batucada Por Favor” by Bob Azzam. She tried hard, but again it is hard for ballroom dancers to dance their solo.

Mollee & Russell – jive. Song – “Land of 1000 Dances” by Jimmy Barnes. Fun routine. It was very fast.

Nigel – You are such good performers, as well as good dancers.

Mary – Hot Tamales.

Adam – I am feeling it. I am feeling so good about this pairing.

Jakob – solo – contemporary. Song – “Always Midnight (acoustic)” by Pat Mohanhan. He is really talented as well. Hi is very flexible.

Tonight’s show was good. I don’t even know who will be in the bottom, maybe Nollee and Ryan. I guess we will find out.


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